Naughty is the new nice!

Here is a fun new design for Christmas, naughty is the new nice!


Funny dog tag Christmas

Hurry and order while there is still plenty of time before Christmas. If you have any custom order reuquests feel free to message me. 




Rollo enjoying the boardwalk in Mount Dora

This boardwalk in Mount Dora is really nice, I take Rollo here pretty often but probably going to avoid it during the hot summer months. It's still really nice right now though.  Mount Dora is such a fun place to walk, even the downtown area, although we are stopped every few minutes for people to ask what kind of dog he is. I've heard all sorts of things, afghan hound being very popular as well as long-haired dalmation. He is an english setter, very lazy but very sweet. :o) 


Call my mom before she freaks out tag in a different font

One of my dear customers requested this phrase in a different font, I thought it turned out really cute.