About Us

Welcome to Critter Bling!

Critter Bling is home of the original "have your people call my people" pet tag!

All pet tags are custom made by myself here in my home studio in Florida. For the hand-stamped tags, each letter, number, character, or picture is individually stamped into the metal by hand. Rotary engraved tags are engraved one by one using a spinning rotary carbide cutter. Laser engraved tags are engraved on highest quality 16 gauge stainless steel using a fiber laser machine. Both stamped and engraved tags are made of strong, durable, and long lasting metal.  

Each tag is carefully completed to your specifications, tumbled for polishing, and then each is hand polished and carefully packed. Nothing is sent out that I would not be proud to place on my own dog's collar. If there is any problem with your order just let me know. 

Production time is one to three weeks at this time depending on volume.