March 2018

Have Your People Call My People

You've probably seen this tag around, it's everywhere. I've definitely been seeing it everywhere for years and I can't say I've been happy about it. It may be hard to believe now with how common it is, but Critter Bling was the first and original "have your people call my people" pet tag. 

What is the Best Food to Feed Your Dog

What to feed, that is the question. 

Over the years we've fed many different types of food for our dogs. When I was growing up my parents fed Kal Kan canned food to our dogs plus table scraps of all sorts. No one worried about whether the chicken bones, pork chop bones, or steak bones were cooked or raw (in fact we would have been appalled at the idea of feeding them raw). This went on for my whole childhood and never had any issues whatsoever. 

I'm definitely not advocating this, it's just an interesting fact.

New pet name tag

Just listed this really cute new name tag, check it out, it is perfect for the pet who just wants a simple clear name tag with no pictures or other distractions. You can have two or even three phone numbers engraved on back. This is a very high quality stainless steel so it will last many years. Any questions please feel free to contact me!


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