Have Your People Call My People

You've probably seen this tag around, it's everywhere. I've definitely been seeing it everywhere for years and I can't say I've been happy about it. It may be hard to believe now with how common it is, but Critter Bling was the first and original "have your people call my people" pet tag. 

I began stamping tags back in 2012 which is when I came up with this idea for a dog tag. Now, I am not saying I came up with the phrase, just that it wasn't being used on pet tags until I listed it in my shop on Etsy. I was pretty new to hand stamping and had a brand new set of stamps I wanted to use to create something and that phrase came into my mind because it seemed to fit the lower case typewriter style of the font. This tag quickly became a best seller for my shop and periodically I would look at other shops just to see what they had but no one had this tag or actually any of my designs at that time. As the years passed other shops copied, some even so far as to copy it exactly with the same font, and now you can find it everywhere, I've even seen it on T-shirts. 

Yes it is very frustrating when this happens, and it happens a lot. Some shops don't seem to have an original idea, everything you see is simply copied from other shops. I admit that I was pretty annoyed at one point but eventually I just decided there wasn't anything I could do about it and the only thing to do was just continue to create new and original Critter Bling pet tags. 

So if you want the original have your people call my people tag, buy it from Critter Bling. I have many versions available here, on Etsy, and on Amazon too. You can also request other phrases in stamped and engraved tags, just message me!


have your people call my people pet tag


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